There are things you can’t fight - acts of God. You see a hurricane coming, you get out of the way. But when you’re in a Jaeger, you can finally fight the hurricane. You can win.

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yeah, casually getting back into the rp grove after an unannounced hiatus, getting back into my life here has been taking up most of my time.

Who would be drift compatible with Jeremy?



"I’m pretty sure I’m not cut out to be a
human being. Okay. Evacuation Plane
8. Grab your wallet, I’ve got the keys,
we need to leave immediamente. New
microwave. We’re gonna need a new microwave.”

"Wait- hold on what are Evacuation Plans
1 though 7? You’d think we’d have a map
or something. Uh, wallet, check — fuck, 
hope that’s not toxic.”









it’s such glorious pain



                 ❝Well there are so many champions, I don’t think they’d
                   miss me too much—- Y’know, I mean.. they might, but
                   I could claim sickness. Maybe he changed his mind?
                   Or forgot. He could’ve forgot.❞


                 ❝That;s awesome, Mia. I mean
                   friendships that turn into more
                   are always nice, especially if
                   they work out.❞

            "Oh, he didn’t forget. He’s just…a boy. Nervous, maybe;
            hell I’ll give him nervous. And I’m pretty sure you’re not
            being there would be like a disgrace to Gryffindor. Sorry.”

                        "I’ve wanted more with him for a
                        while now, just finally admitted it
                        to myself; and it looks like I was
                        just in time. If it doesn’t…I’m fine
                        with just being in his life.”


Letting out a sigh, she nodded slightly. “Some spells, they can harm. The fear that the King has for magic, it is well placed for a reason. Harm can be done. But, good can be done as well. It’s truly all about who wields the power, Jeremy. It’s… the difference between you holding a sword, and one of those men. I can do harm, but I choose not to.” She smiled a little, tightening her hand in his, wanting him to understand that she could be dangerous, but she wasn’t. She didn’t want to be. And she would never harm him.

Laughing softly at his tease, she began the walk, using her free hand to lift her skirts as she stepped through. Every few minutes, she turned slightly, waving her hand to cover their tracks. That was out of habit more than anything. It was always best to be safe. Very few knew of the caves that she used as her primary residence, and she intended to keep it that way.

"Things move fast in these woods," she said honestly, not wanting to think about his last statement. "You hesitate, and you die. It was not an easy life at first, especially when I struggled to accept what I was, but…" She gave him another shy smile, and looked up at him, taking in the man that he had become. It was dangerous to speak of intimate things, given that she didn’t have the spell yet, but she could always… always take these memories away. "I thought of you every day. I wondered how you were, how your training went. I saw you once, last summer. You were riding through the woods with the Prince, going hunting. I wanted so badly to call out to you…" 

He felt guilty for asking her such a thing; of course she could control her magic, and the spells she chose to use. It was a testament to her strength that she left those men unharmed, where maybe he would not have. “I understand,” he said quietly. “I was not questioning your motives, only that maybe these men do not deserve your mercy.”

He hated the thought of her on her own, a million reasons why she should have taken him with her going through his mind as he imagined all of the scenarios she must have faced alone. As a friend, he couldn’t understand why she would leave without saying a word, knowing him and knowing he would never stop looking; as a knight he could understand, though he didn’t want to.

"You saw me?" he asked, a shy smile growing on his face. "I…to be honest I kept to the woods, because I felt as if…if I was ever going to find you it might be here. Lydia — " he didn’t stop, but he squeezed her hand in his, heart in his throat and struggling to keep his breathing even. He felt vulnerable, that no amount of armor could fix. "I have been so in love with you, even with you gone. I couldn’t move on when you disappeared." Not for lack of trying, on his part or the attempts of others. Even Arthur had tried to get convince him to look at other women; but how could anyone compare to the Lady in front of him?

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