❝Fine, then your sister is not getting married with any of my brothers.❞ she
    muttered, running her hand through her hair as she thought. In general she
    had the idea that killing was the quickest and better solution. But if her family
    had the idea of having a truce… No, Niklaus would probably dagger her for
    another century if she ended up ruining it. ❝Well, Jeremy, what is your idea?❞

    She really didn’t want to spend half a century, or whatever he decided to live,
    married. Oh, it sounded ridiculous.  No, she hadn’t liked the idea of becoming
    someone’s wife if she didn’t loved them when she was human, and she liked
    the idea even less now— Besides, he probably hated her. Whoever had come
    up with the idea of marrying them, and she wasn’t sure if it had been Elijah,
    or Niklaus, or Elena or who, but their brain was missing.


          “You know, I’m starting to get the feeling that you don’t like me,” he sneered.
"Not that you’ve ever bothered to know me.” Not like he ever bothered to do
           the same. Hostile females he didn’t need in his life, he tended to avoid.

"I don’t know what to think," he admitted bitterly, folding his arms across his
           chest and looking away. He was past being insulted by her aggressive
abhorrence at the idea of marrying him; instead he wanted it over and done
           with. “Marry someone else? Hell, marry me just to spite them.” It wasn’t an
actual idea, he knew Katherine at least was getting a kick out of how angry
           he was by all of this.

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Astronaut (A Short History Of Nearly Nothing) [Feat. Zoe Keating] by Amanda Palmer


Astronaut - Amanda Palmer

and I am still not getting what I want
I want to touch the back of your right arm
I wish you could remind me who I was
because every day I’m a little further off

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scorched earth || Jeremy and Alaric


He flinched; he couldn’t help it. It might not have been his fault entirely – wasn’t his fault entirely, fuck, he wouldn’t have made all of the choices he’d made if he’d known the path it was leading him down (though he remembered throwing Jeremy out of the path of a speeding SUV and knew that was a choice he’d have made again and again). But still, he wondered if it would have been better if he hadn’t moved in and tried to help when Jenna died, if he hadn’t made them think they could rely on him…

He wanted it. That sense of family. But he’d made it harder on them.

He squeezed Jeremy’s shoulder, and tried to find the words to express some part of it, any part of it; tried, and failed.

“She does,” he agreed, heading up the porch steps. Stefan pushed the door shut in Jeremy and Alaric’s faces, but they followed through the wood without pause and straight to the library.


She should have been crying, screaming, the Salvatores should have been comforting her. Helping her to get past it. Instead she was calmly, coldly pouring herself a glass of bourbon (how Alaric wished he could smell it).

He reached for her. Would she feel his hand against her shoulder?

“This isn’t you, ’Lena,” he said, but she didn’t seem to sense him. “Fuckin’ Damon, I could kill him.”

If Elena could feel them, if she cared a little, he couldn’t tell. He had mixed feelings about seeing her like this, so soon after his death. It would have been one thing to watch her go through the stages of death naturally; if he could have turned his humanity off when his parents had died he would have, in a heartbeat. And after Vicki, Anna… By the time he lost Jenna and Ric he’d been so numb to loosing people that it didn’t even matter anymore, he had to keep living, for Elena.

She was so beyond gone. It made him sick.


"I’m not coming back," said Jeremy suddenly. It hit him right then, this was it. The rest of eternity he would spend watching Elena, never moving on, always just over her shoulder. "Maybe…she needs this. Not being herself; I mean, maybe she doesn’t need to be Elena Gilbert for a little while."


She nodded slightly… a week was more than enough time. If, after a week, she hadn’t managed to find some way to keep Jeremy from spreading her secret while still knowing it, she would just… she would take his memory all together. And in this week, they could… she could find enough memories… her heart ached thinking about it. She would figure something out.

"I’ll add that in the whole lying spell thing. Make it so that you tell him, without thinking you are lying, that they managed to escape you for a few days. Don’t worry about anything. We’ll figure this out." She reached out towards him, hoping that Jeremy, her Jeremy, wouldn’t be scared of her. "It won’t hurt them. If anything, if they were awake, they would have felt a slight tingle. All they remember is getting into a fight, and being knocked out. Now, let’s go."

Grabbing the reigns of the horse, she pulled him in the proper direction towards one of the nearest traps. She and Jeremy could check them, she would pass an abandoned farm she used to grow vegetables, and then they could have a real meal that night with real sleep. She could curl up in his arms, like she had when they were younger, and he had always promised to keep her safe. “The walk truly is not that far. We’ll eat well tonight and sleep, and then tomorrow, we’ll set out for the village, or one of the other camps. I have a few things to barter to get the spell we need.”

He took her hand without hesitation, the corners of his lips quirking upward hopefully. There was a lot of magic she was talking about that he didn’t understand, but if she could do it, he trusted her. He snorted softly, eyes dropping down to the ground a little guiltily. “Does it make me cruel to say I wish it did? Hurt them, I mean. They’ve caused a lot of innocent people pain, I don’t even think magic could erase that part of them.” People could either change or they couldn’t, at least that’s what Jeremy thought. These men…he didn’t think they could; he knew men like them, who said they would change but would turn right around and commit the same crime. He would look at himself after and wonder, how could he have let them convince him.

He followed her with an airy “Bossy as always,” whispered at her back. He didn’t mind now; when they were younger it had drove him crazy, but now, after so long he missed the know-it-all sound of her voice. The sound of their footsteps smothered by the undergrowth, Jeremy tried not to pay too much attention to their surroundings as he let Lydia lead them. He nodded absently, brushing his hand over his horses back to reassure himself that he was still there. “This has happened so fast,” he said suddenly, tipping his head back with a sigh. “I never thought I’d see you again, and here you are. And I’ve missed you; you don’t know how much.”

"The Jeremy that we’re going to see is going to be a little reminiscent of Jeremy in Season 1 that we first met," Plec says. "He has just been hit with a brick wall of grief, in a way that he will eventually admit is really not cool. Being told by your girlfriend over the phone that she’s not going to make it through the night when she’s been lying to you all along, that’s hardcore emotional stuff to deal with. He’s not going to take it very well. We’re going to have to try to figure out how to get Jeremy back to his senses a bit, even though he’s kind of legitimate in his anger."



Am I being delusional with hope or does it sound like the writers are actually going to acknowledge Jeremy’s very legitimate anger at Bonnie?  Could this turn into a real angsty storyline for Jeremy and Bonnie?

I am freezing

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She could only focus on how close she was to his blood.  Her head was pounding, her mouth was dry.  Her eyes were locked on his wrist and she forced herself to take a deep breath.  Actually listen to him. She knew what he was saying —- she could help.  She could do some good.  She knew that not all vampires were bad —- she had seen proof. But.  ”I don’t trust myself,” she whispered and her eyes were back on his wrist.  Before she could stop herself, she had leaned forward, her mouth touching his skin.  It set off a chain reaction and newly emerged fangs sank into his wrist. 


He was tempting her, he knew that and it wasn’t fair, but…life wasn’t fair. And if Meredith was dead there wouldn’t be anyone to try and do it justice. A vampire doctor though, sounded like a really campy 80s movie. She said she didn’t trust herself, but there she was leaning forward; Jeremy’s breath hitched as her lips touched his wrist, teeth grinding together when — without warning — the skin broke. His hand jumped up into her hair, not pulling away or pulling her back, just waiting until it was over.

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     “Thank you,” the girl started forward, the heels of her boots clacking against the pavement.  She kept her eyes forward as they walked into the building, pausing only to check out the room they had entered.  “That sounds great.  I don’t have a lot so it won’t take up to much time,”  Allison nodded, patting the small bag hanging over her shoulder.  Her mind was focused on the task at hand.

     “Ah, thanks but I ate on the way here.”  They had stopped at a little hole in the wall place on the way in.  “I have water in my bag so I think I’ll be fine.”  She could go hours without eating or drinking, so it didn’t bother her if the meeting went longer than she expected.

     Jeremy followed her, leaning against the door frame of the conference room to watch her. He shrugged, thinking nothing of her decline at his offer. The only thing, Liz put vervain in the coffee, it would have been the fastest way to check if she was a vampire, or better yet protect her from the ones in town. “Not a problem.” He could refill her water if she needed it, but the best way to get her out of town was to keep her out of the path of vampires. Like Damon, who would probably end up taking matters into his own hands.

     He went quiet for a moment, his eyes running across the professional attire she had; his own was probably lacking, but he hadn’t set out to make too much of an impression. She really didn’t have a lot of stuff with her, so it would have been pointless to ask if she needed help unpacking. Straight to business then. “So, what exactly can we help the Argent’s with?”


      Something of being watched made his skin light. The room felt a bit warmer, the air a bit thicker and Klaus suddenly felt as though he could swallow the breaths he sucked in. It put a sly smile on his lips, made him hungry beyond the usual. He was more thankful in that moment for his earlier shower, reasonable excuse to get messy all over again. But he hardly made a fuss about it, enjoyed the careful look that Jeremy took of his own image. There could only be so much the boy had gleamed of his appearance from their affair earlier. Too many distorted views to be gathered from his knees. Another smile that looked more explicit than he’d meant.

      After several moments silence, Klaus realized he’d been asked a question. It took all his wits to recognize it as such, another half to realize he was expected to answer. All the same, he concocted something almost half assed. An almost answer to the question that really supplied little. “Too long,” short but an answer all the same. The standard he gave to his siblings whenever they asked after an anniversary party. Klaus loathed any celebration of his work at the university and prided himself on keeping the date a secret. “Though I suppose that’s not really a sufficient answer.”

      He hadn’t meant to voice that part. But he had once prided himself on honesty as well and some very crude part of him expected that Jeremy might enjoy a bit. Of honesty, he reminded himself, half watched the way heavy lashes moved with the weight of a blink. “I suppose as long as I’ve been learning there. Still take classes and plot out schedules like a mad man. But we must be coming close to a decade at this point. Does that make me sound decrepit?” His voice mocked sorrow, and sounded older than he’d meant for it to. His brow quirked up and he swallowed a pleasant dose of bitter booze and hoped to tame down the need that must be rolling off him.

        It should have been unnerving, a deterrent, how much older Klaus was than he; but for some reason it just added to his appeal. Dangerous and different, mature, someone who could honest to god hurt him if he wanted to. Jeremy was almost shaking in his seat just from the thought of it. Thoughts of their previous tryst being a one time thing was becoming harder and harder to hold on to. Jeremy wanted more of him. From what he’d heard of Klaus Mikaelson, a student wasn’t exactly part of his repertoire when it came to bed partners; there was a good chance Jeremy was one of the first, at least by as young as he was. To him, ten years was a long time.

        “I’m loosing my self control,” Jeremy murmured softly, under his breath; he hadn’t meant to say that out loud at all, but the alcohol and heat of his blood was getting to him. His eyes dropped to the table, watching the artists fingers against the glass in his hand, laid casually against the table. And of course, his mind wandered. Clearing his throat abruptly, Jeremy set down his nearly empty drink and rested his elbows against the table. “Decrepit? Only when you say it like that,” he joked, trying to loosen the tension in his body with sarcasm.

        There had to be a better reason why Klaus had agreed to meet with him, why he’d been so…compliant to Jeremy’s sudden interest in making this more than a one-night stand (not that it had even been that. He had never been more sober in his life.). No way he was actually interest in Jeremy the way the student was interested in him; had to be the sex. Physical attraction. Made more sense that way. “I’m a Sophmore.”

AU where Liz still had vervain in her system, so that when Caroline compelled her to forget that she and the Salvatore’s were vampires, she didn’t, and instead kidnapped Damon and tortured him because #fuckit.

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