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She listened quietly as he spoke of his relationship with Elena.  It had to have been hard at first —- realizing that there were only the two of them left.  She frowned a little when he admitted that he had blamed Elena.  Not because she thought it was wrong.  She couldn’t.  It was grieving —- there was no logic to it.  Her frown came instead from the pain that he must have felt during all of that.  She didn’t know if she should say anything but then he helped her along by changing the subject.  The Falls.  Her features shifted into something more relaxed before she smiled a little.  ”I think…well, it’s the woods.  There can’t be many people out there right?  We could go in the morning…before others even think of getting out of their beds.  What do you say?  Are you up for an early morning?” She asked, and there was a hint of amusement to her voice.  She remembered her teen years.  Seven a.m. seemed like a slice of hell on earth.

He saw her frown and felt bad for telling her something that…heavy. The things he was telling her he had never told anyone, and it was so easy to just admit it to her. When he changed the subject and she relaxed he knew he had made the right choice, especially when it looked like she would be completely down for his company. “Early morning hike? Sounds awesome. I don’t sleep much anyway, bad dreams, you know?” Again with the heaviness, but he thought he said it lightly enough. It really wasn’t a big deal, he’d dealt with them for so long he had a routine down. “Meet for coffee first?” Coffee was just essential, sleep or not, and it would help him from saying something stupid.

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Enzo nodded and thought about it. While Jeremy would be annoying and so would anything else his mind could conjure up he was sure he could actually handle it. You didn’t live in hell for seventy years and not come out of it a hell of a lot stronger than you went in.

Still better to not test the theory.

“If push comes to shove I’m sure I could risk it.” Another taunt, not sure why he was doing that and baiting the hunter, just that he could he supposed.

“Before that you liked vampire, yes?” He asked going over the details Damon had given him on Jeremy. He was nothing if not curious and maybe he shouldn’t be but could he really help it? “What do you think would have happened had you not become a hunter?” He asked suddenly wondering if Jeremy would have opted to turn. Could you turn a hunter?

Jeremy sneered but didn’t look back, controlling his temper without even meaning to. “I’m sure you could,” he replied snidely. Didn’t matter what anyone went through, they all succumbed eventually. The only reason Klaus survived and ordeal like that was because he couldn’t be killed - by anything. And Elena had lasted less than two days.

The sudden curiosity about Jeremy had him wary. Though really, what else were they going to talk about as they walked through the middle of nowhere? ‘Hey, look at that rock. You ever seen a rock like that?’ Lame. “I dated a vampire,” Jeremy answered with a shrug. “When she was killed I drank her blood and…well, it didn’t work the way I planned. It was all out of my system by the time Damon snapped my neck the next day, but by that time I had my family ring.”

What would have happened if he hadn’t become a hunter? If he had been a potential and didn’t save Elena? “Honestly, I don’t know where I would be. Maybe back in Denver. Hell, maybe I’d be a vampire myself.” He had wanted that once upon a time; to be able to turn everything off. Jeremy shot Enzo a withering look, almost not wanting to know the answer. “Why?”



       ”Well I guess we had to get to the serious questions soon enough. But I think we could google some of the stuff just to get started out. Maybe since Lightyear and Rex have relating names, they will get along on their own. Hell Jeremy, what the hell are we going to do with a dinosaur?”

"Well…first of all we’re not going to sick him on Damon and post a recording of it to YouTube, that would be wrong. Second, I think some raw meat might be good to start out with. Uh, he’s still a baby right? Maybe when he’s bigger we can get Stefan to invite a deer over or something."

a very shitty moodboard of the worst brotp Lady Olivia and King Kennedy for hauntedgilbert

steremy though.

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